Can nasal splints cause septum perforation after septoplasty and turbinate reduction?

I just got my splints removed couple of days ago, now when i look inside one nostril while directing a flashlight on the other nostril i can see a light dot in the septum, could this be a hole? a septum perforation? will it go away? is it the spot where the splints were stitched to each other through the septum? i am so worried, how can the splints be stitched to each other through the septum? wouldn't this make a septum perforation?

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Possible complications after septoplasty

Splints may possibly cause septal perforation if they are secured too tightly, or if the septal mucosa was significantly injured during the surgery.  The suture used to secure the splints is very thin, and the hole that it leaves closes almost immediately after the suture is removed.  The best way to allay your concerns is to follow up with your surgeon to evaluate you.    

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