Nasal Skin is Very Thin After Closed Rhinoplasty, is It Dying? (photo)

I've had rhinoplasty about two months ago, this was my second operation. During operation, a small rib graft was placed on top of my nose bridge to increase height and create a small hump (and I guess to close open roof deformity). Now my skin is very thin over the graft and the graft itself is very visible. I am very worried that my skin is dying, is it possible? Is it possible to remove this graft from outside, I don't want anymore interventions to my nose? Thank you.

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Rib Graft Exposure

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Your rib graft was placed too superficial. Nasal implants should be place in a deep layer under the pericondrium and periosteum. Also the graft should be shaped for a smooth fit. The graft may or may not extrude.



Visible Graft and Thin Skin after Rhinoplasty

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   There appears to be no issue with tissue death, but the skin is very thin.  The graft can easily be removed through a closed approach in less than 5 minutes.   Alternatively, the graft could be reduced and then put back onto the dorsum.  At any rate, 2 months may be too soon for any intervention.  If the surgeon feels that the graft is thinning the skin to a great extent, the surgeon may remove it earlier.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Closed Rhinoplasty Nasal Skin Concern

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First off, your skin does not appear to be dying off. You have what can be seen following many rhinoplasty procedures where the skin is moderately thin - visible irregularities from underlying reshaping. I would not recommend removing the graft from an external approach. You might be better off waiting a longer period of time for things to evolve and stabilize. After all, you are only 2 months out right now. Hopefully your rhinoplasty surgeon will have some options for you to further improve the nose.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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