I Have Nasal Septal Deviation. What I Can Do for to Corect This?

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Surgery for deviated septum

A septoplasty can be performed to correct a deviated septum. This is sometimes performed along with a rhinoplasty, which involves changing the external appearance of the nose.  I would recommend a consult with a board certified specialist. They will be able to examine your nose in person and provide you with advice. I hope this helps, and best of luck.

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Nasal septal deviation

A nasal septal deviation is quite common and can impact breathing in about 1/3 of patients with it.  If a nasal septal deviation is causing functional impairment such as mouth breathing, nasal obstruction, snoring, etc  correction of it may be beneficial.  In addition, if the deviation is causing the nose to deviate externally, change of this may also be beneficial.  

When seeking correction of nasal septal deviation, make sure your surgeon has experience with septoplasty and complex septoplasty repair to ensure that your nose is corrected right the first time.

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Deviated septum repair for medical necessity

 A deviated septum can cause nasal obstruction if it is twisted enough to be blocking air flow through one or both sides of the nasal passageway. A septoplasty is performed to straighten both bone and cartilage on the inside of the nose to improve airflow for medical necessity. A septoplasty is usually billed to patient's insurance.

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Nasal septal deviation

To correct you need a septoplasty.  This will correct the internal nasal deformity  for breathing problems but will not correct the external nasal appearance.  That would need a formal rhinoplasty.  The two procedures are often done together.  Insurance will usually help with septoplasty but not with rhinoplasty.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Nasal Septal Deviation

Hi George.  A septal deviation implies that the septum (wall between the nostrils) is crooked to the left, or right, or both (S shaped septum).  Surgery may be indicated if the septal deviation is causing difficulty with breathing through the nose.  This procedure is known as a septoplasty.  Sometimes a septoplasty is combined with a rhinoplasty (nose reshaping).  This is referred to a septo-rhinoplasty.  Hope this is helpful.  Regards, Andy Shah MD.

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Treatment of Nasal Septal Deviation

A nasal septal deviation may need to be corrected if 1) it causes you breathing problems, 2) it affects the appearance of your nose by making it looked crooked 3) you plan on having a cosmetic nose surgery which will further narrow your airway.  All three situations warrant evaluation for a septoplasty by an experienced nose surgeon.  Dr. B

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Deviated septum

You do not have to do anything about a deviated septum, unless it bothers you cosmetically because your nose is crooked or you have a breathing issue due to obstruction.

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I Have Nasal Septal Deviation. What I Can Do to Correct This?

If you have a deviated septum but no issues such as breathing trouble you don't need to have it fixed. If it does cause obstruction of your nose then it can be straigthened and repaired with a septoplasty procedure. In some cases, breathing trouble requires more than a septoplasty but this can be determined at your facial plastic surgery consultation. I hope my answer is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Treatment of a deviated nasal septum

A deviated nasal septum is extremely common. Often it happens after nasal trauma, but can also be something that you were born with. Unfortunately, there is not a non-invasive treatment for this problem. However, the deviated septum can be easily corrected with a surgical procedure called a septoplasty. It is done as an outpatient and takes about one hour and can result in a big difference in your breathing. Generally, these surgeries are done by an otolaryngologist or facial plastic surgeon.

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Deviated septum

A deviated septum can be corrected with a septoplasty. Consult with and ENT specialist or Facial Plastic Surgeon if you are considering cosmetic work or rhinoplasty.

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