Nasal or Septal Cartliage Graft Mean? Will it Fix Breathing Issues?

Just wondering in rhinoplasty surgery what does nasal or septal cartilage graft, nasal bone graft, nasal bone and nasal cartilage graft all mean? Do any of them fix breathing issues? I don't really understand when the doctors explain it. Thank you.

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Grafts and other terminology

When we talk about grafts we like to identify them first by their location (septal) and then their tissue type (cartilage, bone). for breathing issues there are two general issues: things in the way and the need for more space. Sometimes one needs to remove elements in the nose that obstruct breathing while other times it is important to make the airway bigger through grafts (spreader grafts). There are circumstances where both may be required, but in the end you can breath better if you have an anatomic obstruction.
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Cartilage grafts in rhinoplasty

Doing a septoplasty (creating a straighter septum) can help breathing problems and chronic congestion. The cartilage that is removed during septoplasty surugery can also be used to further correct breathing problems by supporting the external nasal framework. I liken this to being like a surgical breath right strip (though it doesn't look like a breath right strip, thankfully).

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