Asian Nasal Implant Removal

Asian nose job was done 3 weeks ago. If one does want the implant, how soon can it be removed, so original nose is conserved? Will the nose look the same as before, if not then what is the change? Does the inserted cartilage tip make the nose more projected or there for definition? If one removes the implant but leaves the cartilage would it look more projected than originally? A doc said open rhino for implant removal is advisable to assess and clear underlying landscape. Is this a good idea?

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Implant removal after nose surgery

If you are very unhappy with the implant, early revision and removal would be best, and we too would suggest an open approach so the bridge can be adjusted and the skin can be set smoothly. Computer imaging can help to avoid misadventure in nose surgery to let you 'try' a new look beforehand. You can have a revision much later if you choose to wait, as in either case the effort will not be a simple removal of the implant.

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Removal of nasal implants

I assume you had a dorsal graft and a tip graft in a typical  Asian nose operation.  Perhaps you had only a tip graft. If you want your old nose back and all that was done was the insertion of the two grafts, then removal of both should restore your prior appearance. If other maneuvers were done , then you might have an unusual look.

Cartilage placed in the tip likely serves both to project and define the tip.

Your primary surgeon could best inform you of what was done and should be able to undo it  with the same approach used to place the implants. If you want the implants removed, I feel it should be done sooner rather than later as the incisions can be opened by blunt dissection up to 4-5 weeks and scar tissue has yet to form around the implants. However, doing a revision later is not that much harder.

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