Why Did a Nasal Hump Form After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had Revision Rhinoplasty nine days ago to fix an upturned nose that ruined the profile image. Well, now there is a noticeable hump in the middle of my nose that wasn't there before. It feels like bone, and it's in between the cartilage at the top and the bottom. It is seen from the profile view and has gotten worse the past two days.

A closed procedure was performed on my nose whereas an open approach was used the first time around. Why did this happen and will it go away?

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Relax...9 days is way too soon to judge a revision rhinoplasty

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9 days is too soon to judge a rhinoplasty much less a revision rhinoplasty.  There is most likely some swelling.  Also, there might be a graft which can sometimes feel hard initially and then soften up.  I would relax and let some healing occur.  If the problem still exists, setup a chit chat with your surgeon.

Bump on Bridge Following Revision Rhinoplasty

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I can appreciate a slight prominence over your bridge on the profile photo provided. At 9 days out from a revision rhinoplasty procedure, you are still quite early in the recovery process. This certainly might represent just swelling where the bridge was reshaped. If so, it should resolve on its own over the next few weeks to months. Taping the nose at night might help to speed this process up. A low salt diet is also helpful early on. If this doesn't resolve with the tincture of time, you may need one more limited revision procedure to further contour the bridge. Be patient.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A new nasal bump after revision rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty can be a very challenging surgery because of the scarring and deformities that may be present from the first surgery. If you have a new nasal bump that has appeared after your surgery, advisor plastic surgeon of your concerns. They will go over the procedures that they perform during your surgery help determine if any of this may explain this new finding. Also keep in mind that your nose has now received multiple procedures and the swelling will be prolonged during this recovery process.

Hump removal after secondary surgery

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From your picture, it appears that you have a very slight residual bump. Since it is so soon after surgery, it might be a bit of swelling. Otherwise it is possible that not quite enough bone was shaved down the second time around.

Howard T. Bellin, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Bump after Rhinoplasty

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It is impossible to answer your question nine days after surgery without knowing exactly what was done. Please ask the surgeon you trusted to operate on your face; don't second guess him or her now.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision Rhinoplasty - Correcting a Residual Hump

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Following a hump removal during rhinoplasty, it is very common for there to be excessive swelling of overlying the area where the boney hump was removed.

If the bone was adequately reduced, that bump should disappear as the swelling subsides over the first several months. If the hump persists beyond the first several months, it may indicate that the hump was not entirely reduced during the surgery.

Most surgeons recommend waiting a full year after a rhinoplasty before making any deteriminations as to whether a revision is needed. In some cases it can take the full 12 months for all of the swelling to subside.

Reduction of the residual hump can easily be performed with further rasping (filing down) of the hump through intranasal incsisions. There is usually minimal downtime and minimal bruising and swelling.

Bump after revision rhinoplasty

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It really depends on what procedure wa performed.

The bump you describe occurs at the juction of 6 different structures.

In many instances it is difficult to have this perfectly smooth without adding a thin layer of graft to smoothen the area. This may produce the appearance illustrated here. If this is the case, it will soften and diminish.

It is best to describe your condition with the surgeon so that they can provide you with the most fully informed desription

Rhinoplasty and a bump

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The bump you describe may be at the juncture of the cartilage and bone.  It is difficult to comment on this without seeing your pre-op photos.  Be patient, this may go away.  If it does not, a minor revision procedure can be performed to soften that. 

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