Do I Have a Nasal Hematoma or Deviated Septum?

I had a endoscopic septoplasty back in February and for about a month now I've been feeling a almost bone like structure sticking out to the left of my nostril towards the top of he left nostril. I can feel it with my finger and I can push it back towards the center of my nose but it keeps pokin out into my left nostril. I went to the ENT today for a checkup and I told him that I felt something weird and he told me not to push it too hard. I want to know if I should get a 2nd opinion

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Nasal Hematoma or Deviated Septum after Septoplasty

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A hematoma is a collection of blood which usually slowly dissipates over time. This would not feel the same or react the same as a bony structure. I would suggest going in to see another surgeon for a second opinion so you may have a proper diagnosis and then you can move forward from there. Best regards!

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