Can an Old Nasal Fracture Be Rebroken by Pressure? How Can I Fix This Lump?

About five years ago I suffered a non displaced nasal fracture in the lower third of the nasal bone. Last year I became almost obsessed with the cosmetic affect of my injury. Anyhow, I continually pushed my nasal bone thinking that i could move the bone, and now there seems to be a lump, or spur, on my nose. Is this just swelling? Or could I have moved bone, in which surgery is the only possibility to correct the cosmetic issue??

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Nasal fracture

Once the nasal bone, or infact any bone, has healed it is impossible to move it without surgery.

Hard to assess what the lump is without a photo, but whatever it is at 5 years it is not going away without surgery.

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Surgery following healed nasal fracture.

Following a nasal fracture, the bones are fairly well healed by 8 to 12 weeks.  Any movement of the nasal bones would be impossible without re-fracturing them.  In fact, by 3 to 4 weeks it is difficult to move the nasal bones without substantial force.  Any reshaping of the nose at this point will require surgical correction. 

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS
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Possibly bone spur secondary to fracture

The bone spur is probably secondary to the fracture and the best form of correction is a septorhinoplasty or rhinoplasty. The difference between the procedures would be whether or not there is internal structures that need correction or simply cosmetic in nature. Nasal surgery especially in a male should be performed by someone who is extremely knowledgable and performs a lot of rhinoplasty procedures on male patients. Schedule some consultations with highly recommended surgeons in your area and look at their before and after photographs and speak with their patients who have undergone the same procedures. I use a digital imaging computer during my consultations which is extremely helpful in allowing the patient to see the proposed surgical result prior to their procedure. Best of luck and after your surgery is done let the healing process take place no pushing bones unless instructed by your surgeon!

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