Pain and distortion / bubbling ever occur with the Sientra Tear drop implants? (photos)

Breast augmentation With sientra teardrop implants. They were recommended by the surgeon. Ended up having a double bubble and required reconstructive surgery and a fat transfer to fill them in. I am now experiencing a sharp pain up right breast and the bottom left (See photos). After reading and hearing other views on the shaped implant, I hear it is common. Unhappy with the misshape. What do I do? Should I get a second opinion? Dr is recommending another fat transfer but I'm concerned.

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Double bubble + animation not related to implant type

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When double bubble and animation distortion occur together, the cause is often related to the muscle release that is done with the dual plane procedure. In this situation, the crease is not caused by the original fold  but by the muscle pulling up there. Correction of the problem can be done by converting to the split muscle plane. There are several example on my website and other resources. Fat transfer do not address the cause of the problem but might help a bit. 

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