Are Narcotic Pain Pills Necessary Following Liposuction on the Abdomen and Chest?

I'm a 30 Year Old Healthy Male, 225 Lbs. (ideal weight is between 200-210), having lipo on tummy and chest to remove man boobs I've had all of my life. Would like to avoid narcotic pain pills due to past substance abuse issues, but don't want to be miserable either. Please advise, thanks.

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Pain medication after liposuction

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I would advise making a pain control plan with your plastic surgeon.  There are non narcotic pain medications you can try, but they may not be as effective and some can contribute to bleeding after surgery.  Most patients do not require daily narcotic pain medication for more than 7-10 days postoperatively for this procedure.

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Pain control after liposuction

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Liposuction is more tolerable than invasive procedures due to the use of tumescent solution in the tissues and minimal incisions.  There are non-narcotic pain medications available like Toradol and Tapentadol, which can make you reasonably comfortable after the procedure.  However with a history of substance abuse in the recent past, pain control may be difficult with these medications and short course opioids may be necessary.

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