One week post op, and my implants are very high and painful. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a lift and a smooth round moderate plus 500 cc on the left 400cc on the right , my implants are so high still and lots of pain is this normal ?

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One week post op, and my implants are very high and painful. Is this normal?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well...  I have to say that you are still early on healing process, it is too soon to determine how your results are going to be, per now, they look very nice and beautiful, you can have one bigger than the other, it is normal and that can happen for the first 3 months until your implants have settle in. I recommend you to wait and keep using your post surgical bra, that will help you with the shape and support. Let them settle and you will feel better with time, Hugs!

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You are in the infancy of your recovery so yes, pain is to be expected. It can take anywhere from 3-6 months for your breasts to fully heal and drop/settle and it is very common for each breast to heal/drop at its own rate. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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One week post op, some advices:

Thank you very much for this interesting enquire.

Its too early to talk about final results with only a week post op.
In my practice, after performing a Breast augmentation with implants I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense.
In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

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One week post op, and my implants are very high and painful. Is this normal?

Thank you for posting your photo.
I can see the one implant much higher then the other.
One of the drawbacks of sub-muscular placement is the post-op pain and the fact that they tend to ride high on the patients chest until they settle. Settling can talk several months.
When implants are place over the muscle this doesn't happen and patients get a faster result with less down time. 
None the less it is too early to tell what your end result will be and pain is very subjective. I recommend seeing your surgeon as soon as possible for an in person evaluation.

Best of luck,
Dr. Miguel Mota

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Post op

Sorry to hear that you're having difficulty.  It is difficult to tell from your photos but I would definitely recommend following up with your plastic surgeon immediately.  There does appear to be a fair amount of bruising and possible healing issues around your nipples.

James Shoukas, MD
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One week post op, and my implants are very high and painful. Is this normal?

The posted photos are quite concerning. I recommend seeing your surgeon ASAP or seek in person second opinions.....

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Implants too high

From looking at your photos it looks as though the left implant is way too high and bigger than your left.One wonders if you have a hematoma.I would go back to your surgeon.

Robert Brueck, MD
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