Unhappy with my results. Should I have to pay for them to be revised?

I'm am currently 7 weeks postop. I had a lift with implants. I originally went in wanting larger, fuller breasts. I wanted to be a DD. I breastfed 2 children which caused them to be saggy. The surgeon did not explain there is a limit to the size of implant when a lift is involved. I ended up with 400cc in my right and 335cc in my left. I hate them. They still seem small and saggy. My left nipple points down. I'm still a C cup like before the surgery. I'm severely depressed with the outcome.

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Unhappy with my results. Should I have to pay for them to be revised?

Sorry for the poor results. But revisions have costs that you should be responsible for. as for the surgeon's fee that is the only fee that might be waived?? You might want to seek another surgeon?

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I see your concern.  7 weeks post op is still early in the healing phase.  Hopefully, you will see more improvement in the next few weeks.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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