Had non surgical nose job with artifill (4years) and a thread to lift tip (2yrs) ago. Is rhinoplasty or revision possible?

I had artifill in nose 4yrs, thread lift 2year in nose. Loved at first lately past month my nose feels like where artifill was injected is breaking down can't tell but can feel it. Is revision or rhinoplasty possible I know permanent filler is hard to get rid of. But i really just want these objects out of my nose. If so anyone can refer me a doctor in Illinois area to address this problem.

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Artefill in nose

It is in many cases removable all or some...the threads also.  Your nose can be improved but it is necessary to use an expert

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Non surgical nose job with artefill and a thread lift: what are my options now?

An in person consultation would be necessary, but I would recommend a revision rhinoplasty. The threads can be removed, but the Artefill is more problematic.  It is possible that some of it could be removed, but probably not all of it without damaging the skin.

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