Hair-fall from last one year; can you suggest a way to control my hair loss? (Photo)

I hair is getting thinner everyday,my hair was not strong. A lot of hair fall when i am combing and taking head bath.Can you please me suggest me to control hair loss.

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Options for hair loss in men

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It's always a good idea to meet with a physician who specializes in hair loss. You''ll want to confirm first that genetic hair loss is the cause.

FDA approved treatments include minoxidil and finasteride. Other options include pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil, platelet rich plasma, microneedling, low level laser therapy, dutasteride.

Vancouver Dermatologist

If you are losing hair and want treatment options you should schedule a consultation with a doctor.

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If you are losing hair and want treatment options you should schedule a consultation with a doctor.  Photos are not very helpful without a proper examination.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair loss -what to do first?

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It is best for you to see a hair restoration specialist and obtain a diagnosis. Most likely you have androgenic alopecia (AA).    If so there are 2 medications approved by the FDA for the treatment of AA hair loss.   It is best to start medication sooner rather than later in order to keep the hair you have.  Both work only for the time period during which you use them.  

Parsa Mohebi, MD
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon
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To control my hair loss

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You have a androgenetic alopecia and all other treatments like hair mesotheraphy , minoxidil , finasteride, pumpkin seed oil,  platelet rich plasma,  low level laser therapy etc dont stop hair loss forever . they just postpone the hair loss during treatment period.I recommend you to have a hair restoration surgery after you loss more than % 50 of native hair. 

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Hair loss. What are the treatment options?

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There are many causes for hair loss. The treatment options depends on the cause for your hair loss and many other factors. It is best to see a hair loss specialist for an evaluation. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair loss in young man

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The drug finasteride works well in young men with recent hair loss. Many times, as it did in my son, it reversed it.

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Getting to the Bottom of It--Seeking Hair Loss Treatment: PRP and Progesterone

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I suggest seeing a hair loss expert to evaluate and go over your condition and provide you information about your best treatment options. There are great non-invasive options like PRP/progesterone and/or hair transplantation. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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