I am 3 weeks post op the placement of 6 upper implants, 4 lower. Is it normal to feel some loosening of my temp "teeth" now?

As my ("all-on-4") post op swelling has subsided, my gum tissue is now no longer "squished" up against my temporary "teeth". I think this is making everything feel looser. Not wiggly, exactly, but not drum-tight like it started out initially. At my ten day post op follow up with my dentist, he seemed to think things were going along swimmingly. Perhaps I am overly paranoid that I will end up with failed implants. But I feel compelled to ask: is this sensation "normal"? Or should I be concerned?

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Gum tissue

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As your gum tissue heals there will be a space between your gums and the temporary teeth. This occurs because everything is healing . Perfectly normal sequence of events
You will be thrilled once this procedure is completed
Best of luck

Oxnard Dentist

All-on-4 Dental Implants

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Hi, thank you for your question. I understand your concern regarding your gum tissue adaptation to the provisional that was provided to you at time of surgery. It is normal for the swelling to subside within a week or two after the treatment. When this happens, you will see a bit of a gap between the provisional and your gums. This is normal. You should start the use of toothbrush and the water pik to keep the area under the provisional clean. The one important sign to continue to monitor is if the prosthesis itself becomes lose. If you can move your prosthesis with your fingers, then this has to be corrected asap. Other than that, you are experiencing normal healing. Good luck!

All on 4 healing

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It is normal for the tissue swelling to subside and for spaces to occur between your temporary and the gums. You have made a large investment so it is natural to be somewhat paranoid. Trust your dentist. With 6 implants on the top arch, even if one fails you will have a very stable restoration. It is very important to follow your dental post op instructions. The implants are healing so don't over stress them . Allow them time to integrate before you return to a more normal diet. I hope this helps calm your worries. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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