I am almost 6 months post op and noticing that my left breast is slightly higher from my right. Any suggestions? (photo)

6 months post op and my left breast is slightly Higher from my right? It does not appear to feel any harder but I have been experiencing some slight soreness. Is it possible that it still needs to drop or should I be worried?

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You have a great result and very sublte asymmetry which could be pre-existing or even just how you hold your shoulder if you tend to hold it higher on that side - that degree of asymmetry would be completely acceptable after this surgery

I am almost 6 months post op and noticing that my left breast is slightly higher from my right. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. At 6 months postop, your implants have likely settled into position and this is close to what will be your final result. If I wanted to be very picky, I would agree with you that there is some slight asymmetry with the left breast being slightly higher and with a flatter lower pole than the right. This may be due to surgical details or it may be due to pre-op anatomy, hard to say without a pre-op comparison or being there at the operation. If you really concerned with these issues, you should discuss them with your plastic surgeon. To change these small things may require a revision surgery and I am not sure that would justify the additional cost unless it really bothers you. I think that in the end, you have a very reasonable result that you should be happy with. If not, you need to discuss your options with your PS.

Best of luck!

6 Months Post Op

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It would be best to have this looked at in person with your Plastic Surgeon. Slight asymmetries can persist because of anatomical differences before surgery. Review of your pre op photos would be helpful. Discomfort or pain at this point is unusual and your Plastic Surgeon will need to examine you to determine the cause.

All the best 

Most likely normal

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Most likely your implants have settled to their natural resting position after your breast augmentation.  I am not sure how much more it would settle and that may also depend on the type of implants were used. If you are having any issues, I would go and see your surgeon.

Best Wishes,
Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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