Hard palate graft in lower lid on Nov. 6th. Lower lid still droops. How long should I give it until I "give up"? (photo)

I know healing takes time but I've had a lot of surgeries related to fixing this droopy lower lid (it droops when I open my mouth or look up) and the graft was my last option. As soon as the stitch was taken out on the 12th, the lid drooped again. My surgeon wants me to pull my lower lid up in the corner with Steri-Strips, which I have been doing 24/7. How long should I hold out hope that this surgery has worked? How long does it usually take for the eyelid to go back into a proper position?

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Oddly, I see many Canadian patients.

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No you should not give up. However, there is both an art and a science to fixing a lower eyelid and getting it to sit where it belongs. It is just not as easy as it looks. The steri-strip unfortunately is not going to get the job done. You have a heavy face and you might need more than a tarsal strip to get the job done. I encourage you to read my website which has a lot of information regarding these procedures.

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