I just and subglandular Breast Augmentation two weeks ago but they feel very small. Any suggestions?

I had surgery two weeks ago. I am tall and have a big bone structure i was a 34a. So i told the doctor i wanted a full C to a small D so she suggested 310cc but now two weeks after the surgery they feel like a b cup they look very small. Will they still shape or is this the size please help

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Too small?

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 At two weeks postoperatively, you really can't judge what the final size will be. In my experience a 310 mL implant should give you a cup size larger. It all depends on the bra and the shape of the implant as well as how much overlying breast tissue you have to start with. I would recommend that you wait a few months and then go back to see your chosen plastic surgeon to see if going larger is desirable. I would go at least 100 mL more so be obviously visible. Good luck.

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Be patient

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With very limited information provided, It is hard to know how much larger in cup sizes you implants will make you at the end.  For most patients, 310cc will give you about a cup to a cup and half size increase.  If it is still too small in 3-6 months, just ask your surgeon to switch them out to a larger breast implants (at least 100cc larger).
Best Wishes,
Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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Breast Augmentation two weeks ago

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hello, it is normal want to see the final result of your surgery quickly ,but you still have a little time with your surgery.
A plastic surgery is a physical but also emotional change , So, I recommend you to be patient and wait to see the final result after six months at least. A professional plastic surgeon will take care of you .Your surgeon must evaluate if your body ( back) will not be affected by increased weight in your breast over a long period of time. Ask your surgeon if that is the reason for the size he recommend you.

I hope this information help you.

Alicia Sigler, MD
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Breast aug too small

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Thanks for the question.  Some photos would help.  In general, breasts are not going to change size much after breast augmentation.  There is usually some swelling and the implants usually need to settle into position, so things may change somewhat.  I wouldn't do anything right now except recover from this surgery and then start discussing your concerns with your surgeon to see how they would like to address moving forward.  Good luck

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Breast augmentation - implants look small

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Thank you for your question about your breast implants.

  • I am so sorry you are disappointed with your implant size.
  • Please tell your surgeon at once -
  • It may be possible to put in larger implants now.
  • Otherwise, it is best to wait six months until healing is done and swelling gone.
  • For a large boned, tall women, a 310 cc implant is likely to be small -
  • You probably need an implant of 400 cc or larger - but only an examination and sizing can tell for certain.\
  • Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

I just and subglandular Breast Augmentation two weeks ago but they feel very small. Any suggestions

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Usually breasts appear larger after surgery due to postoperative swelling.  Cup size can be tricky as there is no standard for C or D and often one can go to different stores and be sized anywhere from a B to a D.  Therefore, I would be concerned with the look of your breasts more than a cup size.  Few plastic surgeons would promise a cup size for the reason described.  In any event, discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and be patient.  The biggest mistake is jumping back in too early before swelling has resolved and implants have had a chance to settle.  Thank you for your question.

Daniel Kolder, MD
Camarillo Plastic Surgeon
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