One month earlier I felt that my nose is slightly tilting left side from the middle?

this change is increasing...when i touch it i feel clearly a tilting line starting from middle towards is looking odd and shape of my nose is tell me what treatment is required...

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We can't help you without photos

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Unfortunately, there are no photos for us to give you any advice. That said, the best advice would be to go and talk to your surgeon about your concern, so he/she can do a proper physical evaluation and see if everything is OK. 

Last, have in mind that when it comes to rhinoplasty, anything less than 6 months is usually a very recent post-op. 

Good luck, 

Dr. Fernandez Goico

Possible shift after rhinoplasty

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Without photographs, it is difficult to tell the extent of this change.  I suggest you contact your surgeon to schedule evaluation to determine if intervention is required. 

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