Full T/t with Muscle Repair Done 2wks Ago How Long Does It Take for Ur Belly Button to Shrink in Again? (photo)

How long does it take for ur belly button to shrink back in again& will it look normal.. I have included a pic of mine done 2weeks ago ... I had a full t/t done with muscle repair correcting having two hernias from previous surgery!

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Protruding belly button after tummy tuck

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Thanks for sharing your photo.  Based on your photo, your umbilicus (belly button) seems to be swollen and large.  You may have some redundant skin on the umbilicus.  With time (within 1-2 months), the swelling will decrease. If the umbilicus still protrudes out at 3 months, your plastic surgeon can revise it.

Redundant belly button

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and you can expect a revision if you wish for it to look more normal.  Unless your surgeon has some special technique that produces that look right after surgery, there is too much belly button left behind.  Your surgeon should be able to revise this in his/her office under local once you are completely healed and your surgeon should be motivated to make it look better as much as you want it to look better. 

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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