N-95 Respirator and Rhinoseptoplasty?

I got a rhinoseptoplasty 6 days ago. I'm to return to work on Wednesday and I work in a BSL3 in a research facility where I need to wear N-95. How long should I wait before wearing one again?

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Masks after rhinoplasty

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I would try the mask briefly and see what type of contact/pressure it makes with your nose. Ideally I'd wait a few weeks for minimal pressure and 4-6 for anything more. Check with your PS to see what they recommend and maybe bring the respirator with you.


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Though it takes 8 weeks for the majority of the healing to occur after rhinoplasty, you'd be okay to wear an N-95 after 10 days or so.  However, it does depend on exactly what was done, so I'd strongly suggest you ask your surgeon that question as well.  

Andrew Winkler, MD
Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

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