Red Marks on Abdomen After Full Tummy-tuck

I recently got a TT and suddenly, these horizontal red marks appeared. I am unsure as to their nature, as stretch marks are vertical and wide. I asked the nurse, she claims this is from having pulled and stretched the skin far too much. Any idea what caused this? I'm very swollen, could this be the cause?

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Red marks after a tummy tuck

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I must say that what you have is very unusual. Usually the red marks or stretch marks/ striae occur from a rapid stretching of the skin and that is difficult to do on abdominal skin. Post-operative swelling can contribute to it possibly, but unless someone has some underlying collagen disease, spontaneous stretch marks like that are quite rare. Once the surrounding skin is soft and the swelling decreases, you could consider a series of sessions with a YAG laser to fade the red streaks.

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