Boob infected after surgery? (photos)

I had a breast reduction on June 7th. Last week my doctor gave me Mepiform strips to apply to my incisions. Today, I took them off for my shower. There are two components to this question: - I guess one of the strips ripped off a couple tiny scabs, opening the incision around my nipple, and pus came out of them. Is that bad? - It's very red and tender around where the incisions meet. Pictures below. My other boob is perfectly fine.

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Recovery after breast reduction in Melbourne, Florida

Any time there is a consideration after breast reduction or any plastic surgery procedure, the first step is to be seen by your plastic surgeon.  Fortunately, many situations that may at first appear worrisome to patients are often common and/or expected as part of the postop recovery course.  Therefore, being seen by your surgeon may be very reassuring.  I hope this is helpful.  Best of luck!  

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You likely have a small stitch abscess in one spot, and some separation in another. Your surgeon can advise you on the appropriate wound care.

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Probably a suture issue


This is likely a suture issue. Get to your surgeon's office for an evaluation and hopefully the removal of suture or two can avert a larger scale problem.

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Wound healing problems after breast reduction

Thank you for including photos. Wound healing issues are pretty common after a breast reduction, given you likely have more than 1 foot of incisions to heal. These areas don't appear acutely infected, but you should definitely be seen by your surgeon soon to reassess whether or not there is infection developing. Most of the time there are wound healing issues most often in the junction of the vertical and horizontal incisions, and local wound care with gauze/band aid/ antibiotic ointment as well as some close watching and patience will heal these.

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