I would like to ask about my first Laser facial hair removal treatment?

Hello Doctor, I am from Myanmar . last week I had my first laser facial hair removel seccion ,I have a really hairy face , so the doctor just cut some of my hair with scissors ,he didn't shave . after that he made the IPL laser treatment, but I didn't see any differences before and after , my face is just like I have before . He told me that I need to have 3 time laser seccion . So my question is , am I going to have a clean face after 3 th seccion ?

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Facial hair removal

I'm concerned about this. The hair needs to be shaved prior to laser treatment. If it is not, only the hair above the skin gets energy and it doesn't go deep enough to treat. Also, 3 treatments is way too little. I'd consider 6 or more as normal. Also IPL is not a laser and is not as effective as one. Facial hair is difficult to treat, particularly if it is fine hair. Risk of creating more hair in some patients as well if they are not treated properly. I'd get another opinion before doing anymore treatments 

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