Can the eyelid be small? Can upper dark cycle disappear? (Photo)

I made double eyelid surgery one month ago.I dont like bcaz the eyelid seem so big and i aslo can feel the tightness when i smile n seeing above.Can that b recover?Also the eyelashes are so up.

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Concern about the big eyelid fold after double eyelid surgery

Your concerns are well understood but it is still very early to make the final assessment. I expect your eyelid folds to become smaller and more natural in the upcoming months. Your feeling of tightness is also not uncommon at one month after the surgery.

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Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. One month is still too soon to determine your results. Swelling often occurs during the healing process and should subside in a couple of months. If you are still concerned, you should follow up with your surgeon who can better assess you. Thank you and I wish you the best of luck!

Peter Newen, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Crease too high after Asian Eyelid Surgery

If it's only been one month things should improve significantly but it's unclear how much.  If it's tight when looking up or left and right that should also improve.  However, if it was a suture technique and it's still this swollen then you might want to ask your surgeon about removing the sutures.  If it was incision technique you can relax the scar tissue with a steroid and 5-FU injection.Best of luck.  If you need a revision it can be done but lowering a crease can be difficult.Chase Lay, MDAsian eyelid surgery specialist

Chase Lay, MD
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Too big crease and too tight

As often size of crease will reduce over time when the swelling disappear. Once healing take place and still the crease is too large you can do two things. First reduce the size and second you can open inner corner of the eyes. When you have balanced ratio between height and width of the eyes it looks more attractive and beautiful.

Andrew Choi, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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