Is my six year old too young to do the Invisalign Braces?

My six year old has some big spaces between her teeth and some of her teeth are crooked and she has a gap between her two front teeth. I need to know if she'll need braces and if so is she too young to do the invisalign braces?

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Invisalign appropriate for a Six Year old?

Invisalign is not appropriate for your six year old. I would not consider regular braces either at this age. Wait until all of her permanent teeth are in. Then if she is unhappy with how they look, I would suggest you consult more than one orthodontist as whether to pursue invisalign or regular braces.

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Dear SunShyn:
Spaces between teeth as a child grows up are very advantageous.  It is actually better to have spaces since the adult teeth are wider than baby teeth and need more space.

Unfortunately, the only way to answer your question is by consulting with a qualified orthodontist or a pediatric dentist.

best of luck,

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