My 7 year old son has a dog bite scar on his face. What is the best removal method or treatment?

My concern is the pigment is much darker then his regular skin we are Indo Canadian ( Fijian) so have a brown skin tone but his scar almost looks like he has chocolate on his face.

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Dark Scar Corrector for pigmentation of scars - Plato's

Dark discoloration is common in scars. Our office specializes in scar therapy and we would recommend early treatment with Plato's Medicinals Dark Scar Corrector cream to reduce pigmentation and PIH> 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Scar revision

I would advise that you seek the opinion of a dermatologic surgeon with expertise in fractional laser therapy, i.e. for Fraxel laser can be very beneficial for both unwanted discoloration and scars . Fraxel is safe to use on all skin types. A less expensive ,albeit less successful modality would be micro needling coupled with topical skin lighteners and collagen stimulators.

Christine Brown, MD
Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon
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