My wrinkling implants did not get better with a revision. What should I do now?

10 yrs after my saline implants were put in they started to ripple. They were beautiful but over time I lost more & more if my own breast tissue. I switched out my Mentor saline 300cc(filled to 350cc) for Allergan Silicone Naturelle 410FF - 535 cc. Just 2 mo after the surgery, the ripples are already showing. The ripple is on my left cleavage but not my right & my right outside but not the left. what do I do now? Fat transfer or second opinion? Does the surgeon have to make it right or am I on my own?

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Fix rippling with Strattice

Rippling is due to thinning of the tissues around implants. Muscle coverage helps the upper portion but not the bottom. Larger implants make it worse by putting more stress on the tissues. An internal bra with Strattice or SERIscaffold can be very helpful.

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My wrinkling implants did not get better with a revision. What should I do now?

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having. Based on your description, you may be a good candidate for the use of acellular dermal matrix;  the use of this material ( placed between your skin and the underlying breast implant) may be helpful to treat rippling. In my practice, I have used this material for this purpose with good success.  I hope this, and the attached link are helpful to you as you learn more about revisionary breast surgery.  Best wishes. 

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Rippling can still happen with gel

implants but it should be appreciably less.  If you are needing to have no rippling, you will need revisions and I'm sorry but your surgeon is blameless here.  You would be responsible for costs of anything else that is done and this could include fat grafting (if rippling minimal), use of Strattice or other similar products, or even switching for the highly cohesive textured anatomic implants that aren't supposed to ripple since they don't move at all.  So you have to ask yourself, just how important is it to be ripple free when undressed.  I personally feel the gains of having fuller breasts outweigh the other issues such as rippling.

Curtis Wong, MD
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