My Wife Had Breast Implants and Liposuction and Developed Swelling in her Legs. Is This Normal?

Her surgery was done 6 days ago, and she is deveoping swelling in her legs, from her feet on up to her buttocks. the liposuction was performed on her abdomin and back, is this normal for the swelling to be so low, and what are some things i can do to help her swelling come down?

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Post Surgical Edema

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Contact your surgeon immediately. If he is not available I would recommend going to the emergency room.

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Lower extremity edema after liposuction and breast augmentation

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My recommendation is that, rather than going to a drugstore, call your plastic surgeon immediately and report what you are observing If he is not available, have him paged or go to an emergency room. This is not typical and you should not be treating her in the absence of guidance from her surgeon.

Leg swelling after lipo of abdomen and back

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This could be serious. Elevate her legs on a pillow or two and remove the abdominal compression garmet until it's gone. Have her avoid salt and tell her to take a single aspirin tablet right now and every day until the swelling goes down. She should wear Jobst support hose while upright. Get them at the drugstore. If it gets worse bring it to her doctors attention immediately.

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