My Wife Just Got a Breast Augmentation About 5 Months Ago with Dr Pousti Who Did a Great Job but I Had a Couple Questions...

#1 I saw as she leaned over me it looked like the implants haven't fully dropped yet it seemed like the bottom was around the nipple area which makes sense cuz the bottom of her breast isnt full yet because seems the implants havent fully dropped #2 she said they aren't as big as she wanted or expected with 500cc implants & that girls with less cc look much bigger i just encourage her & say they look great & will look bigger & fuller once they drop & fluff as I've heard. Is this normal & right?

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Breast Augmentation Results?

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Hi John,  thank you for the question and your kind words.  

Please let your wife know that I would be more than happy to discuss her concerns in the office after examination any time. This can be sooner than the already scheduled appointment if she wishes.

In my experience,  implants do tend to drop into the dissected pockets and often create the look of a larger breast as they do so. I have seen implants take up to a year to fully settle.

Unfortunately, it is never possible to compare 2 women and their breast sizes given that there are many variables involved;  in other words, 500 mL implants may look very different on 2 different patients.

Again, please don't hesitate to come in sooner than scheduled for direct examination.

Best wishes.


Breast implants and position

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I think you got your answer already  below from your surgeon.  Good luck with everything it sound like you are in good hands..

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants settling

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Implants can take up to six months to settle or drop as shown in an article by Dr. Burkhadt years ago. When the implants are in the proper location the breasts will appear fuller and rounder than when they are sitting up to high. If they don't settle then surgery to reposition them may be indicated. This should be discussed with your wife's surgeon.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

My Wife Just Got a Breast Augmentation About 5 Months Ago with Dr Pousti Who Did a Great Job but I Had a Couple Questions.

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Dr Pousti has given you a great answer and the opportunity to be seen sooner. Why not see him to be fully satisfied with the answers to your issues? 

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