Are my Veneers Big for my Mouth?

3 years ago, I got veneers for my whole upper teeth. They look big and ugly but aside from the appearance, do they pose any health risks? I don't feel any excess when I clinch or grind my teeth. Is there a standard way to tell whether veneers are big functionally? Thanks...

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Do Large Veneers Pose Health Threats?

They do not pose any health risks as long as you can floss and brush your teeth properly and your gums are healthy.  You are not grinding or clenching so your bite probably is fine. I am sorry you are not happy with their appearance, but if you see a dentist on a regular basis and have not had any problems in three years, you are probably are good to go!

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Big veneers

If you are unable to properly clean your teeth due to the size of the veneers they can cause issues with your gum tissue.  If they trap debris when you eat they can also cause some issues with your gum tissue.  If you are able to clean your teeth and they remain functional, they should not pose a health risk to you.  If you are unhappy with they way they look, I would talk with the doctor who placed them.  Let him know your frustrations and see if he would be willing to work with you to get you something you are happy with. 

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Are My Veneers Too Big for My Mouth

It's hard to answer this question without seeing photos and models of how your teeth meet eachother. If you are comfortable chewing food and moving your teeth against each-other, and your gums are healthy, than there is probably no harm to your health just because they look ugly.

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Are my veneers to big?

To answer your question no health issues do to size providing you keep your teeth and gums health and see a dentist on a regular time frame. You can always remove and replace but in most cases the dentist will try in the restorations before insertion to make sure the patient is pleased. Good Luck


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