What Can I Do About my Veneers?

I chipped my front teeth when I was young. Now I'm older I've had 4 veneers (incisors) put on as a solution. They were made to deal with gaps so look quite wide in contrast my teeth, they are also significantly whiter and and are all the same length which looks odd. They don't take into account the shape of my actual teeth so they look very square at the bottom in comparison. All this amounts to them looking very false and I probably feel like I can't smile more than I did with my mangled teeth.

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It appears that a number of things has gone wrong with this case. First of all, it appears that the dentist is not a very experienced cosmetic dentist. Depending on the of space that needed to be closed, he /she should have counseled you that doing just four veneers would not have been enough in order to obtain veneers that are propotionately distributed size wise. He/she should have recommended 8 or 10. Then he/she should have known that the wider you make a tooth, the squarer the tooth assuming the length remains the same. If you did not want to do more than four, he/she should have done a diagnostic wax-up to show you what they would look like even before treatment began.  Then you would have a chance to view them  and make final decision. Also once the work is srarted, there should have beem a trial set of veneers should have been done and adjusted to your face and taste and impression sent to the lab to serve as a guide for the permanent ones.  lastly, he/she might be using a lab that is not very experienced in anterior cosmetic dentistry. After all, the lab mde all of them the same lenth!!

Houston Dentist

What can I do about my veneers

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It sounds like you need to have more than 4 done in the first place.  The only option would be to seek care from an experienced cosmetic dentist and have them replaced.  8 or 10 probably would balance your smile better



4 reasons why your veneers should NOT look like someone else's "horse teeth."

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There are reasons why this treatment should not have happened, nor should have been a surprise or disappointment to you.

  1. Your dentist should have properly consulted and presented a treatment plan that would adequately address the aesthetic and function conditions that presented which probably would have meant additional veneers to close the diastema.
  2. Your dentist should have fabricated a diagnostic waxup of the proposed treatment to show to you.. 
  3. Your dentist should have fabricated proper temporary veneers for you to evaluate their appearance and function.
  4. Your dentist should have tried on the final veneers prior to their cementation for your review and approval.

If this did not occur, my recommendation is to discuss a resolution with him or find a good cosmetic dentist

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What Can I Do About my Veneers?

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Veneers can be a great solution for closing gaps or getting a whiter look to your smile. A great cosmetic dentist will account for a number of the things you've asked about: what shape looks good on you, how much you like the shape or style of your natural teeth, and what preferences you have for the new look.

After your porcelain veneers are on, there are still options, but they are more limited. At this point I would suggest that it would be worth whatever extra cost to visit a more experienced cosmetic dentist. It's possible that he could do some mild reshaping to vary the lengths and maybe make them less square looking.

You may also want to discuss whitening your other teeth, or possibly adding one or two veneers on each side to carry the whiter color farther back into your smile.

Make sure you ask all of your questions BEFORE you have anything else done. Once the porcelain is touched to re-shape it there is no going back. Nonetheless, an experienced cosmetic dentist should be able to make some improvements.



Not Much You Can Do About Your 4 Front Veneers

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I suggest you see a very well-trained and experienced Cosmetic Dentist. Such a doctor would have "waxed - up" your veneers first, so that you could have a trial wearing period of temporaries. Also, 4 veneers may not be enough in order to have the width proportional to your other teeth. You might have to consider 6, 8 or 10 veneers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Veneers for closing gaps

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Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done with your veneers except to replace them with new ones.  If you do decide to have them replaced, ask for a "wax up" of the new ones.  This is a blue print for what the final veneers will look like.  Temporary veneers can be made from the wax model which allow you to get a preview of the final result.  This way you can change things and make sure the final result is what you expect.  It sounds like you'll need more than 4 veneers to make sure the teeth aren't too wide.  That's where the wax model will be really helpful.  Good luck!

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

4 veneers is usually not enough

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If there were spaces being closed, then doing only 4 veneers will result in teeth that look fat or wide.  In cases like this, more teeth need to be veneered, allowing the contours and width to be shared with all the teeth treated (called golden or balanced proportions).  10 veneers is the norm.

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