Why Has my Vasor Been So Painful?

I had vasor lipo 4 days ago and have been in extreme pain. everything I read about the procedure indicates that it is painless and talks about people being back at work in 2 days! The way I feel I can barely get out of bed!! I had a lot of fat taken out about 2 liters and had upper/lower/sides/ and back done. Could this be why my recovery has been to bad? I'm very swollen and bruised all over, especially in my lower abs and pubic area. I'm becoming very concerned, please help!

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Vaser liposuction: pain

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hello vasorme  

Pain and discomfort after liposuction varies according to patients, oral medication is given to control pain in the first few days. Discomfort is usually based on the extent to which the location and number of areas treated. You should visit or contact your ps about this concern. #pain #postop

Vaser liposuction pain

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Predicting post operative recovery is such a difficult task.  People have unique procedures, different pain thresholds, and variable expectations.  Quite frankly liposuction is painful.  It has been portrayed in the media as a simple procedure requiring a weekend recovery.  Pain can be increased in areas where the soft tissue is denser and more effort and power (ultrasonic) is required for fat removal.  Increased swelling and bruising can be normal, however hematomas and seromas can occur as well.  I would recommend a call to your surgeon to assess your specific situation.

Pain and swelling after Vaser

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Thank you for your question.

I am sorry to hear about your experience. Although some Vaser considered to be less traumatic than other methods of invasive liposuction, it is still a serious surgery. Swelling, bruising and postoperative fluid leakage are inevitable. Pain is more variable-depends on amount and type of fat removed, areas treated,correct compression application. Obviously larger fat volume and fat with rich connective tissue surrounding will be associated with greater injury and pain. Back normally hurts more than abdomen. However, 2 l of fat is not much. May be you pain thresh hold is lower than average. Ask your surgeon for strong pain killer and arrange lymphatic drainage manual massage sessions.

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