Do my Vaneers Look Good? Fake? (photo)

I'm a 20/yearold having veneers done on some of my top teeth. After having a lot of patchup work done (incl frontfacing across top central/lateral incisors+canines) I hate my smile. Being a poor student, and young, my dentist recommended composite veneers. Pics included are after 1st session, 5/7 teeth done (LH Canine to RH Lat Incisor) Opinions on the appearance of the veneers & whether the remaining two veneers are enough for a decent smile? Any recommendations of any sort would be A+

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Not bad

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One of the limitations of your case is the fact that they are composite veneers and not porcelain.  In only rare cases will composite rival how porcelain looks.


Usually all teeth in a case are done at the same time, so sequencing it out as you describe create their own challenges.

Very good result

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It is very tough to make composite veneers look good. I think your dentist did a very good job. If you take care of them and avoid coffee, tea, red wine they may last longer. In the meantime you can save up some money for the porcelain in the future.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

Do My Veneers Look Fake?

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Cosmetic dentistry ought to make you feel good about yourself. The most important question is --Do YOU like your veneers? If you like them and feel good about them, then it doesn't really matter what the rest of us think.

Composite veneers are tricky, and I think you got a decent result. I think it will only get better getting the other two done.

The art of cosmetic dentistry is helping match the right solution to what you need and want. In this case I think the composite veneers were a good solution. 

Someday down the road, you may want to upgrade to porcelain veneers, but I really wouldn't give it another thought right now. Enjoy them!

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Do New Bonded Veneers Look Good?

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From what I can see of the photos things look good.  Composite veneers are much more difficult to create a great cosmetic result than with porcelain so looks like your dentist has done a nice job.

Do my veneers look good?

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I think they do... Remember with any cosmetic if money is an issue compromise is part of the care, at some point you may choose porcelain over composite and may consider full crowns over veneers. You have made a start in your care and as time goes on you may even be able to improve on this good luck



Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD      CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Unhappy with your veneers?

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Anytime cosmetic dentistry is performed which changes the look,shape or shade of your teeth, it is not unusual to feel uncomfortable with their appearance. There is, in fact, a period necessary for psychological adjustment if that change is significant. While porcelain veneers are more "lifelike" with a natural translucency and luminescence, composite veneers have a great ability to match the natural shade of your teeth and the newest composites have some excellent physical properties. It would be helpful to compare photos of your before appearance with the after to evaluate if your aesthetic objectives were accomplished.

Veneers Looking Good?

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It appears from the picture that maybe you only did 6 veneers.  I would recommend 8 or 10 to widen your smile and turn the corner around the canine tooth.  The veneers that you have appear to look fine in the photo as best I can tell.  I think you just need to do a few more so they look the best they can. 

Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

Veneers good or Fake??

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The question is: Do you like them?? If you like them then they are good. It is hard to tell with these pictures. There are limitations with composite veneers. You will probably have to redo them eventually as composite picks up stain.  I think your dentist did a good job. When you are not a poor student, and you need to redo them, you may want to think about porcelain veneers as it will save you money in the long run. Just maintain them the best you can and they should last a long time .

James Merrett, DDS
San Antonio Dentist


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They look ok to me for composite. I would like to see what the before pictures looked like for a honest comparison. I don't care for the outside edge of the RH lateral incisor, it still looks a little like its leaning to me and is not as straight up and down as the other side.  It could be finished straighter when the cuspid is finished.  I agree to build out the bicuspids to create a wider looking smile. 

Joseph Henry, DDS
Orange Dentist

Do Veneers Look Good or Fake

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It's hard to tell from these photos how good the Veneers look. From the photos, they look pretty good, but you should have the dentist build out the bicuspids more into your "buccal corridor" in order to give you a fuller looking smile.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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