Does my vagina look normal? Vaginal rejuvenation needed? (photos)

I am 34. I was feeling a little irritation with my vagina so I checked it out and noticed I had particles of toilet paper stuck in different areas of my vagina. Then as I looked at the walls of the inside of my vagina, I couldn't help but think it doesn't look normal. It appears that they may be some lumps inside my vagina. Can't tell if this is normal vagina flesh,something else, or maybe just my vagina aging? I appreciate any advice. Thank you very much!

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Visit with your gynecologist to rule out Lichen Sclerosus

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For someone in her 30s your vulva looks more aged than it should. there is thinning of your skin and a pale sheen to it which is common in women with Lichen Sclerosus Atrophicus. You need to see your gynecologist to rule this out. If present you need to begin therapy or the condition will worsen.
There is good research work being done in this arena, in particular, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Therapy.
Best of luck,

Denver Urogynecologist
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Vaginal rejuvenation indicated?

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Your findings and photos both appear within the normal realm.  However, this can only be confirmed by physical exam with your gynecologist.  Nonetheless, here is some info about vaginal rejuvenation:

Vaginal Rejuvenation (a.k.a. vaginoplasty) is performed to reconstruct (more or less tighten) the vaginal vault most commonly following natural vaginal birth. Again, like most other surgery, the experience of and “attention to detail” (a.k.a. compulsiveness)by the surgeon is the most important element to achieving a good result. Although there is some merit to Kegal exercises, many patients with laxity after natural vaginal birth fail to obtain sufficient tightening. For these patients, vaginoplasty, tightening of the vaginal vault muscles from the introits (opening) up to the cervix is typically the best solution. The procedure is commonly done on an outpatient basis in about an hour under either deep intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Recovery is gradual but probably the worst for the first 4-5 days until swelling starts to reside then patients feel better each day thereafter. Sexual activity is usually refrained for about 6 weeks. In a study I was involved in back in 2009, 87% of vaginoplasty patients were satisfied with their results and had an improved sexual experience post-operatively. Glad to help. 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
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Vaginal irritation = a trip to the gynecologist

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Vaginal irritation in your early 30s is most commonly related to gynecologic issues, sometimes infections, sometimes other problems. Go see your gynecologist. Photos don't really give sufficient info.

Cannot determine from photographs alone

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Your symptoms do not sound particularly concerning but you should be seen by your primary care/gyn physician to be sure.  That being said, there is a wide variety of 'normal' in this area.  Vaginal rejuvenation is not a procedure performed based on the appearance of the area, it is more for functional concerns.  Best of luck!

Thomas A. Pane, MD
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Hymenal Remnants

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Normal appearing photos, but the bumps inside the vagina are hymenal remnants. sometimes these can become enlarged and irritated, in which case a small procedure can be done under local anesthesia or sedation to remove some (or all) of them. This may improve hygiene issues and problems with toilet paper becoming trapped in the folds of tissue.

Gynecological examination recommended

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Hello Lellee12,

My best advice would be to schedule a consultation with your gynecologist to examine and evaluate. 

Sohila Zarandy, MD
Ladera Ranch OB/GYN

"normal" vaginal appearance

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It's difficult to diagnose your symptoms without hearing more information from you or to be able to tell if the anatomy is normal without an in person exam. In order to get a definitive diagnosis you should visit with a gynecologist or cosmetic vaginal surgeon to explore your options. 

It didn't appear from your complaints that you're having any issues with feeling loose or loss of intimacy with your partner, but if those are present in addition to your other complaints, you might be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation. 

Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty is a one hour surgical procedure that tightens the vaginal canal and the opening of the vagina. Patients typically choose to be as tight as they were after they lost their virginity but before they had their first vaginal delivery. Specifically, this is approximately 2-3 centimeters or 2 fingers on exam. The most important thing when choosing a cosmetic vaginal surgeon who is board certified and has extensive experience. This surgeon should be able to show you endless before and after photos and you should be able to discuss the surgery with his or her prior patients.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your surgeon and your ultimate decision. Cheers!

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