Is my vagina normal? Do I need any procedure? (Photo)

After I had my daughter I realized my vagina no longer looks the same. It's as if I can see my insides. It seriously freaks me out. Is it normal or should I have something done?

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Post Pregnancy Vaginal Issues

The best answer is that you should ask your gynecologist when you have your next checkup. 
After childbirth and with age certain structures can bulge (prolapse) and be visible such as your
rectum (rectocele) or bladder (cystocele). If present you will be guided as to when correction is recommended

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Vaginal Gaping after Childbirth

It's common to develop gaping of the vaginal opening after childbirth. It's caused by a separation of the muscles of the perineum and is sometimes associated with a loosening of the posterior vaginal wall (rectocele) and of the vaginal muscles (the deeper Kegel or levator muscles). If you want this restored to a pre-pregnancy condition, you will need a vaginoplasty and possibly some pelvic floor reconstruction at the same time. A thorough gynecologic exam will determine  the extent of work that needs to be done.

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