Can Anything Be Done to Make my Vagina Look More Natural After Labia Correction Gone Wrong (Amputation)?

I had a labia correction over a year ago in a local hospital, because my labia minora bothered me during sports. The result is shocking, nothing is left and I have scars on one side (not visible in pic). The surgeon just cut them off. I went back later on but he thought is looked fine. It is way uglier than before surgery. What is your opinion and what would be your advise? Is revision an option or would that make not much difference? I don't want everything to be removed though. Thanks a lot!

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Labia revisions following amputation...

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can be done as Dr. Alter noted the redundancy around the hood area and this could provide tissue to help provide more volume to the rest of your labia minora.  If you have more surgery consider (if it fits into your goals) having something done with the majora, whether it was plumped or trimmed, depending on your goals and desires.  Make sure your surgeon is experienced in reconstruction before having another procedure.

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Can Anything Be Done to Make my Vagina Look More Natural After Labia Correction Gone Wrong (Amputation)?

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         There is wide variation in labial size and shape.  Some patients want the labia trimmed a great deal.  Some want the labia reduced only modestly.  I try to determine before surgery what the patient thinks is the ideal.  It really does not matter what I think.  Then, there are several techniques that be utilized to achieve those goals.  There are ways to incorporate and rotate in more tissue to help in a revision case such as yours.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Labia correction

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You have had amputation of your labia minora. The good news is that you have a lot of clitoral hood so you are an excellent candidate to reconstruct your labia minora using the sides of your clitoral hood.  Most women with your amount to clitoral hood skin can look completely normal after the reconstruction with these clitoral hood flaps.  The surgery takes about 3-4 hours but is not very uncomfortable.  It is done with general anesthesia. You have an excellent chance to look normal if you do NOT have any further removal of any of your clitoral hood or labia tissue.   

Gary J. Alter, MD
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Correction of labiaplasty gone wrong ( amputation )

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You had a labia trim procedure. This leaves the labia flat and the clitoral hood large in proportion. When I look at the pictures I see that some of the labial tissue is still present but that it is less than the hood. While I respect Dr. Alter greatly, I do not necessarily agree with his comments. You can have a transposition of the clitoral hood tissue to the labia minora, but that may then leave you with more tissue than you desire on the minora. Another option would be to just reduce the clitoral hood to be in better proportion to the remaining labia. This is the easiest solution. If you really think that you have too little labial tissue, then the clitoral hood transposition may be the right choice, but It should not take 3-4 hours under general anesthesia. This can be done under local with mild oral sedation in about 1.5 hours. You can, of course, choose to go to sleep, but the operation should still only be about 1.5 hours. I hope this helps,

Daniel A. Medalie, MD

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