My Upper Teeth Are Really Crooked, Invisalign or Braces? (photo)

My upper teeth are really crooked and I have so far asked for consultation in 2 places. One orthodontist says that invisalign will work for me while other say I need braces. I am really confused and wanted to know what are some of the questions I should be asking the orthodontists in my future consultations to confidently decide the best treatment?

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Invisalign or Ortho for Very Crooked Teeth

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The answer to this question depends on the degree of perfection that you are looking for. Standard orthodontics will always be more exact than invisalign on severely crooked teeth. However, the dentist should be able to submit your case to Invisalign for a "ClinChek" so that you can see in advance the amount of correction that can be accomplished with Invisalign. You will be charged a fee by the dentist for this service, as it requires impressions, X-rays and photographs. However, you do not have to commit to going ahead with the Invisalign unless you are pleased with the ClinChek projection.

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