My Ultra Sound Has Shown I've Ruptured my Gel Implant?

Im a fitness trainer what excersises could I have done that could have caused this damage? What other factors are behind implnt rupture

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Implant rupture and implant replacement

I explain to patients that implants most often break like a credit card-- it you stress it many many times in the same spot, like folding a credit card, it will most often develop a weakness in that spot.  This is a long term process and rarely is there one event that causes it. If your implant has a wrinkle, this is most likely to become the spot for weakness and eventual rupture. That being said, today's implants have a very low rupture rate. The FDA currently recommends an MRI after 3 years and every other year thereafter to monitor for rupture-- it is my opinion that this is overkill, but inform my patients of the FDA recommendation. However, if you have implants over 5 years old, you should definitely have them evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Implant Rupture Most Commonly Happens without a cause

Implant Rupture Most Commonly Happens without a cause and exercise type at this time is not seen as a cause. Overtime the likelihood of implant rupture increases. Prior to cohesive gel implants (prior to 2006) most surgeons recommended replacement of silicone gel implants every 10-15 years due to the increased risk at that point. To date there is not a position statement from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons but it would seem that the rupture rate should decrease as a result.

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Ruptured implants

The quoted failure rate of silicone implants is 3% at ten years.  I don't think any particular exercise leads to implant failure it is just your body's immune system working on the implant shell.  If the implant is creased sometimes that can lead to earlier implant failure.


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Causes of gel implant rupture

It is rare to be able to determine the cause of a gel implant rupture.  The old ones were more fragile than the current models and time and wear and tear made many break down.  Nothing specific about your activities would likely have any relationship to the rupture.  Please see a Board Certified PS to discuss options for replacement.

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Ruptured gel implant

You didn't say how long you have had your implants.   They can break down after years of wear. There are no studies of excersise causing implant fatigue.  It is hard to break these implants.  Your best option is to consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to discuss your concerns.  It may be time to change implants.  Best of luck to you!

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Fitness trainers and body builders and breast implant rupture

It is very hard to really know if any specifics excersise can cause a rupture of a silicone gel implant. It is recommended for body builders to place the implants sub-glandular and not sub-muscular in order to avoid displacement of the implants laterally with contraction of the pectoral muscle. But it would be very unlikely that the exercises will cause the rupture. Tissue fatigue of the implant as well as traumatic placement may increase the chances of implant failure. Any obvious severy trauma to the breast or chest such as an automobile accident may cause a rupture.


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Ultra Sound Has Shown Ruptured Gel Implant. ?cause?

Most of the time there is no identifiable cause. It is hardest to tell with gels, because this could have happened at any time since your last imaging (if ever done before) or any time since surgery. 

When the saline implants rupture they usually deflate  within hours, so the women usually has a chance to try to identify a possible cause. In my 20 plus years, I have only seen one identifiable cause--seat belt after an auto accident causing deflation. All the other salines that leaked had no identifiable cause. 

See your surgeon and discuss your options. At a minimum you should get the actual implants replaced by Mentor or Alerghan, and you may have some added coverage depending on how long ago they were inserted.

Thanks and best wishes. 

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