My Two Year Old Grandaughter Had Had Surgery a Month Ago to Correct a Ptosis of Her Left Eye?

She was lifting her face to see above her. Now the eye does not close completely, it is dry and she squeezes her forehead and cheek together to blink and wet the eye. Her doctor said it may improve a little. Does this sound like the type of outcome that we should have expected and what should we do now. Also, her eye shape is now different and the two eyes are no longer symetric.

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Ptosis surgery on two year old granddaughter

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  Without photos, especially before and after, it is impossible to answer this question with certainty.  But I'll try anyway!  Yes!  It does sound like the outcome you should have expected.  Your granddaughter was born with an anatomically dysfunctional eyelid muscle.  The probable alternative to this ptosis repair was permanent loss of vision in that eye (amblyopia).  A second opinion is always a viable option however, and additional surgery may also be helpful. 

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