Are my Two Front Teeth Too Big Compared Too my Other Teeth to Get Braces? (photo)

I hate my teeth. Well, the two front ones anyway. There's a gap in between them and even if I did get braces they'd be long compared to my others. I need advice. Will my wisdom teeth eventually push this gap closed on its own, or should I ask my dentist for braces and get them filed down?

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Orthodontic treatment will correct your alignment issues

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From the pictures above, the size & shape fo your teeth look beautiful.  It appears that the central incisors (the 2 front teeth) have nice proportions, they just need to be moved into the proper position.  As they are aligned, they can be moved up (toward your nose) to create a lovely, symmetric smile.  I highly recommend that you see an Orthodontist for a consultation to discuss your options.  Best of luck!

Seattle Orthodontist

Braces / Invisalign would work great!

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Just based on your photos, your teeth look good proportionally.  I think if you just lined them up with proper angulations and tip / torque, then you can get the smile that you've always wanted.  It looks like your problem your central incisors are too far low compared to the laterals.  It looks like a location problem and not a size problem.  Go with Braces or Invisalign and I think you'll be happy.  Good luck! 

Robert Passamano, DDS
Irvine Orthodontist

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