Is my Tummy Tuck scar too high? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift surgery 2 months ago. I not happy with my tummy tuck scar, it is too high and my doctor told me that I didn`t have to much excess skin to cut so that`s why my scar is high. When I go to visit my 6th month appointment should I ask him to fix it? What should I do ?

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The amount of loose skin determines how lower tummy tuck scar can be placed

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I am sorry you are and are unhappy with your tummy tuck scar.  Unfortunately I do not have photographs of your preoperative appearance.  Generally speaking if there is not a significant amount of loose skin, with hanging folds of skin on the lower abdomen the tummy tuck scar may have to be placed higher than it would be where there a lot of excess skin.  Please discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

Anchoring sutures

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Thank you for your post. It is not common for surgeons to anchor the lower incision to the fascia or covering of the abdominal muscles to keep the scar low, however, I do use this technique and agree with it. All the tension on the incision is from above, not below, and thus the scar tends to move toward the area of maximal tension (towards the ribs/bellybutton). This moves the scar higher than desired. I like to keep my scars very low, and feel that anchoring the scar helps accomplish this. The following photo is an example of this.

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