My Tummy Tuck Scar is Not Even Close to Where my Surgeon Said It Would Be. Is This Malpractice?

Before surgery, we planned the location of my scar, a low, shallow smile shape. Instead, it is a very deep U with wings on each end. It's about 3-4" below my belly button in front, and about 1" below my belly button on the sides. The wings extend around my sides and lift even higher at the ends. They aren't hidden in a regular pair of pants, let alone a bikini bottom. My surgeon is highly respected and had great references and before/after pictures. He can't explain other than to say he had to.

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Abdominoplasty Incision

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It is impossible to give you any feedback regarding your incision without pictures. Having said that sometimes decisions regarding incisions are made at the time of the operation. I am sure many colleagues will agree that we strive to place incisions low on the abdomen but there are always exceptions. I think you should speak calmly with your surgeon about why the incision was placed where it is. Furthermore, you didn't mention when you had the procedure. Depending on the time frame it may be to new to tell what the ultimate result will be. 

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