Why Was my Tummy Tuck Painless?

I have had a full tummy tuck 3 weeks ago, including repair of tummy muscle, right from the moment I woke I experienced NO pain. I am struggling to understand this. I certainly have the tightened sensations and I couldn't walk straight for 10 days because the skin felt to tight, and I can definatley feel the newly stitched tummy muscle is very tight, but I have experienced no pain. Is there any explanation?

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No Pain After Tummy Tuck

That's excellent! Unfortunately, other than your unique tolerance for pain, it would be difficult to explain. Since you also say you can feel the tightness then you aren't numb. 

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Everyone has a unique response and experience. I have no explanation for you in particular, but the spectrum goes from no pain to fairly severe discomfort, and most are in the middle somewhere. Glad things have gone so well for you. Best wishes for continued uneventful recovery. 

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