How Do I Get my Tummy-tuck Drain to Stop Draining So Much?

I am almost four weeks post surgery, and I am still getting 100 ccs from my drain every day. How do I get this drain to stop draining? I need to go back to work, and I can't as long as I have this drain. What is causing it to continue to drain so much? It's not infected, and I don't have a fever, but I want this darned drain out!

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Tummmy tuck drain

The question is really to determine the etiology of the drainage. If you have a draining sinus tract, this may need surgical exploration. If this is a resolving seroma, then you should discuss the potential for surgical exploration and moving forward with your plastic surgeon. The drain should not be remmed while you continue to drain to the degree cited which reflects an ongoing process which must either resolve secondarily or be treated.

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