Will my Tummy Tighten Again?

I recently had fat extraction (just a little bit) from my tummy for my forehead fat grafting. I wasn't aware that I had to wear a girdle after that until about 4-5 days later when the nurse cleaned my wound. Ever since then I've been wearing the girdle but I'm afraid that I'm too late and the fats around my tummy won't tighten again. Is there any solution for this? How can I tighten my tummy again? Do I have to undergo liposuction to get the fats out? Am really worried. Thanks!

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Wait for swelling to resolve

When removing fat so that it can be transferred to the face, usually only a bit is necessary. For that reason, I don’t think your stomach would be affected by sagging too much. Wait until the swelling resolves in a few weeks then see your surgeon for an assessment.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Grafting and Harvest From Abdomen Concerns

  Usually the volume of fat taken for facial fat grafting is minimal, and this would be unlikely to create any long term ill effects.  There is still swelling after the liposuction, and this should take 6 weeks or so to resolve.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Retraction of skin after liposuction would depend on the skin elasticity.

It is possible that your skin will still retract and smoothen with time as the swelling gets better. I can not imagine takeing large volume of fat for forehead fat transfer.Re evaluate in 6-12 weeks. You plastic surgeon should examine you (not the nurse) and advise you of the situation with your skin.

Samir Shureih, MD
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