Front Top Teeth Veneered Last Week and Crowns on Top Teeth and They Are Different Colors?

Just noticed in daylight that my veneers are slightly darker than my crowns. Shoudl dentist have made them lighter than crowns?

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Its normal.

The porcelain veneer is usually a thinner layer of porcelain than a porcelain crown so that affects the shade of the color of the dental piece. The difference usually is minimal but if you still do not like it then maybe you can consider in the future replacing those veneers for crowns so you can match them all, but obviously that would be a purely aesthetic reason.

Matching Veneers and Crowns

There are often differences in color under different lights.  It is best to view the veneers and crowns in daylight or natural light before seating them.  Sometimes different color cements can be used to correct this issue other times, the shading is done differently in the lab to correct this.  "Try in" cements are useful to check the shade prior to seating.


It is probably a good idea to discuss this with your dentist and see what options might work for you. 

Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist
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Porcelain Veneer color matching.

Matching color can sometimes be very difficult especially under various lighting conditions. The veneers are much thinner and tend to allow more color from beneath to show through.

Marielaina Perrone, DDS
Henderson Dentist
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Veneers and Crowns are Different Color

Even when everything else is done perfectly correct, it is impossible to get the same exact look from 2 different "batches" of porcelain used by the laboratory. Unless the crowns and veneers are made at the same time by the same lab using the same porcelain, they will never match perfectly under all lighting conditions.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Veneers and crowns are different colors

There could be several reasons that the teeth appear to be different colors


1.  The color of the teeth underneath may be different

2. The material of the crown and veneer may be different and they show slightly different

3. The amount of tooth reduction is obviously different since one you reduce less than the other (veneers less than crowns).  The teeth may have not been reduced enough


Talk to your dentist about your options.  More than likely the only option that you would have is to replace the restoration


Good luck

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Reason for color difference between veneers and crowns

There are several reasons for this:  the veneers may be much thinner than the crowns and therefore allowing the color of the teeth to come through more than the crowns making them appear darker.  Another reason may be that the teeth with the veneers were darker to begin with.  Unfortunately there is no quick solution other than replacing the veneers.  If you do end up having them replaced, make sure your dentist tries them on with something called try in paste before doing the final bonding.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist
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Veneer and crowns

Sometimes it is difficult to match the color of the restorations especially between crowns and veneers the veneers is a lot thinner and can sometimes show a little more of the original tooth structure.

Irma Gavaldon, DDS, MS
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