Why my Tips is Not Downward Projected (Ear Cartilage Used) 4mths After Rhino?

hi drs..im four months post surgery for nose.bridge is gortex and tip is ear cartilage..kindly advise why my tip is not so downward projecting n shorter n now and one side of nose,right is not so define as left but the right side is the one which is softer n m dr said softer side is more like the end result..bt to me the concern is the soft side is less define than the harder one..pls advise n my bridge not as narrow,is it al swelling n my tips my dr said my face maybe cant absorb,what he meant?

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Tip Position after Cartilage Grafts

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After all the grafting done to your nose during rhiniplasty your appearance will continue to evolve over the next 6-8 months. Before and after pictures would help us to evaluate your present concerns and make specific recommendations.

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