Is my Tip Still Swollen 3 Months Post Op? (photo)

til about 2 months post op the tip of my nose did not look swollen, the bridge was. now alot of the swelling in the bridge has gone down but my tip now looks huge, almost the same size pre-op. my tip before used to be wide and flat, and i think it's starting to look like it did before. i also noticed that from the profile, it used to look more projected (which i liked) and now it looks more flat. i read something about cartilage memory, could the cartilages be going back to their original shape?

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Is my tip still swollen 3 months post-op?

3 months is still very soon after your procedure, and there is swelling present that will affect your result. Your nose will continue to change over time, and the tip is usually the last to come around. In general, 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months and the remainder goes down over time. The final result may not be evident for 18-24 months after your surgery. I would give it some time and see how you continue to heal. Keep in touch with your surgeon, as he or she knows the extent of your procedure and exactly what was performed. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Nasal tip swelling post rhinoplasty

You are still very early in the post operative period following your rhinoplasty.  Swelling of the nasal tip can take up to 6 months to resolve.  I would doubt that the cartilage is returning to its original shape.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Cephalic trip

There are a number of techniques used to narrow or refine a nasal tip. Cephalic trim method is commonly used for tip refinement.  It is a useful but limited.  In situations where the tip cartilages are not only wide but also divergent or spread apart sutures techniques combined with cephalic trim maybe a better surgical plan.  Speak to your surgeon about the pros and cons of these different nasal tip refinement techniques.

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Tip Swelling in rhinoplasty

Dear dwgtyy,

  1. At about 3 months, the swelling is just starting to come down
  2. You can talk to your surgeon to see if steroid injections would help speed the process up
  3. Just be patient and see what happens

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Nose swelling

Nose swelling can last longer the thicker the skin and the more sebaceous the skin is.   Massage helps, tapping at night helps and nightly silicone sheet application may help.  Wound healing is not complete for a year to a 18 months.  Actually if you look at yearly photos nose shapes continue to change for a long period of time.  Any concerns discuss with your doctor.  

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Post-op Tip swelling

In a thick-skinned patient, tip swelling may fluctuate for a longer period following rhinoplasty. Follow up with your plastic surgeon to express your concerns.

Roy A. David, MD
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