Is my Tip Too Round Following Rhinoplasty? Revision Necessary? (photo)

I had a closed Rhinoplasty procedure 5 months ago (July 29). One of the goals was to have my bulbous tip reduced and narrowed. I am still not pleased with my nose, I feel it is too round and large at certain angles, projected, and quite uneven. It's still hard and slightly numb. I saw my doctor 3 months post-op and he said I was still swollen and that I have slightly thick skin, he said he was pleased with the results. I trust him, he's a renowned surgeon, but I'm still concerned. Thoughts?

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It can take a year or more to see the final results in rhinoplasty, especially the tip

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I make the above statement to my patients all the time, especially if your skin is thick, but it's hard to accept waiting a year. 5 months is way too early to judge a still "bulbous" nasal tip. For example, I did a rhinoplasty on a lovely lady a few years ago. She came in for her 10 month visit planning her "revision" to further narrow the tip of her nose. I told her to wait. At one year she was a little happier. 14 months after surgery she was so happy that she sent two friends to see me for rhinoplasty that months. So, be patient and give it the full year your surgeon suggests.

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5 Month Rhinoplasty Result

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It is impossible to evaluate your nose with the picture submitted, so let me respond to your question in general terms. It will take at least a year to see the final result, especially in a patient with thicker skin. I have the feeling you understand that because you respect what your surgeon has said and you will continue to consult with him. Refinement takes time.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Bulbous tip 5 Months Post-op

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Judging from your pics at 5 months, it does appear that your tip is still somewhat bulbous. It's always hard to say without seeing a pre-operative picture. I also don't think that this will improve over time, what you see is what you get. I would wait another 2 -3 months and if you're still not happy, go for a second opinion.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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